DeviceOrientation Event Specification

This is the repository in which the W3C editor’s draft version of the DeviceOrientation Events specification is maintained.

The latest draft of this specification can be found at

Contributing to this specification

If you wish to propose changes to this specification you should initially propose and discuss any significant changes to the specification on the W3C Geolocation WG mailing list.

If you wish to provide a patch to this specification you should fork this repository, make any proposed changes directly to your version of the specification and then submit a pull request back to this repository with a summary of your proposed change.

If you wish to file an issue against this specification you should first view the list of existing issues on this repository. If your issue has not been raised previously please file a new issue against this repository.

Note: The W3C Geolocation Working Group operates under the W3C Patent Policy which aims to enable implementations of W3C Recommendations without the need to pay royalty fees. If you want to make contributions that can be used in normative parts of our specifications, we require you to make the appropriate licensing commitments. Instructions on how to do so can be found here: