The style-global object

Type: Dictionary

The style object is a way to define visual styling within an MNX document. Its required "selector" specifies which MNX element(s) the style applies to. See Styling an MNX document for more. This example defines a style class "emphasized", which means to use the color red: {"selector": ".emphasized", "color": "#ff0000"} A note object can then use "class" to use this style class. This example says "all notes must be blue": {"selector": "note", "color": "#0000ff"} At the moment, the only available style property is "color".


Name Type Required? Description
"color" color object No The color to apply to any elements targeted by this style.
"selector" style-selector object Yes A CSS-style selector that specifies which MNX object(s) this style applies to.

Currently MNX supports two types of selectors, object selectors and style selectors.


This object is used in the following examples:

Styling elements (basic), Styling via a class (basic)