The <offset> element

Parent elements: <direction>, <harmony>, <listening>, <sound>

An <offset> is represented in terms of divisions, and indicates where the direction will appear relative to the current musical location. The current musical location is always within the current measure, even at the end of a measure. If an element within a <direction> includes a default-x attribute, the <offset> value will be ignored when determining the appearance of that element.




Name Type Required? Description
sound yes-no No The offset affects the visual appearance of the direction. If the sound attribute is yes, then the offset affects playback and listening too. If it is no, then any <sound> or <listening> associated with the <direction> takes effect at the current location. It is no if not specified for compatibility with earlier MusicXML versions.


This element is used in the following examples:

<bracket>, <damp-all>, <damp>, <forward>, <n>, <octave-shift>, <pedal> (Symbols), <wedge>, Tutorial: Après un rêve