The <ornaments> element

Parent element: <notations>

Ornaments can be any of several types, followed optionally by accidentals. The <accidental-mark> element's content is represented the same as an <accidental> element, but with a different name to reflect the different musical meaning.


In this order (Zero or more times)


Name Type Required? Description
id ID No Specifies an ID that is unique to the entire document.


This element is used in the following examples:

<accidental-mark> (Ornament), <delayed-inverted-turn>, <delayed-turn>, <haydn>, <inverted-mordent>, <inverted-turn>, <inverted-vertical-turn>, <level>, <mordent>, <schleifer>, <shake>, <tremolo> (Double), <tremolo> (Single), <trill-mark>, <turn>, <vertical-turn>, <wavy-line>