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Information on Meetings


The weekly teleconferences are held every second weeks on Tuesdays (at the moment this corresponds to the ”odd” weeks, ie, week #11, #13, etc.), at noon US Eastern time. See the time zone calculator for the corresponding time in your timezone. See the separate page for the dial-in information.

The Group also uses IRC for during the calls for minute taking, queue control, and general chit-chat. See the separate page at W3C for further details. This Working Group uses the #pbg channel, and makes use of two bots on IRC:

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are listed separately.

Minute taking

Minutes are taken using IRC, and is based by a collective effort: one of the participants should be the scribe for (part of) a session. The rrsagent bot is used to archive the IRC log at the end of the call, and a separate tool (called scribejs) is used to generate the cleaned-up minutes that are published on the Business Group’s Web site.

Minute taking and cleanup is greatly helped by:

Updating the minutes

The minutes themselves are stored, in Markdown (more exactly in “Kremdown”) on the WG’s core github repository in the Meetings/Minutes/2017, Meetings/Minutes/2018, etc., folders.