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Information on Meetings


The weekly teleconferences are held every four weeks on Tuesdays (at the moment this corresponds to the ”even” weeks, ie, week #14, #18, etc.) at noon US Eastern time (1600 UTC) and every four weeks on Wednesdays on weeks #16, #20, etc.) at 9am Japan time (0000 UTC). See the “noon” time zone calculator and the 9am Japan time zone calculator for the corresponding times in your time zone. See the separate page for the connection information.

The Group also uses IRC for during the calls for minute taking, queue control, and general chit-chat. See the separate page at W3C for further details. This Working Group uses the #pbg channel, and makes use of two bots on IRC:

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are listed separately.

Minute taking

Minutes are taken using IRC, and is based by a collective effort: one of the participants should be the scribe for (part of) a session. The rrsagent bot is used to archive the IRC log at the end of the call, and a separate tool (called scribejs) is used to generate the cleaned-up minutes that are published on the Business Group’s Web site.

Minute taking and cleanup is greatly helped by:

Updating the minutes

The minutes themselves are stored, in Markdown (more exactly in “Kremdown”) on the WG’s core github repository in the Meetings/Minutes/2017, Meetings/Minutes/2018, etc., folders.