Publishing Business Group Telco — Minutes

Date: 2019-04-23

See also the Agenda and the IRC Log


Present: Luc Audrain, Wolfgang Schindler, Jonathan Greenberg, Ivan Herman, Wendy Reid, Avneesh Singh, Rachel Comerford, Jeff Jaffe, George Kerscher, Garth Conboy, Julie Blair, David Stroup

Regrets: Tzviya Siegman, Daihei Shiohama (塩濱大平), Karen Myers, Liisa McCloy-Kelley, Dave Cramer


Chair: Luc Audrain

Scribe(s): Rachel Comerford


1. event calendar

Luc Audrain: we are ready to add events of interest to the event calendar

2. EPUB 3.2 status update

Luc Audrain: epub 3.2 has been finalized by the community group

Rachel Comerford: we have received nothing but +1’s in votes

Luc Audrain: the official count is 36 +1 and no -1 or abstain
… voting ends tomorrow
… the CG is confident this will be adopted
… after this call we will launch a call for consensus in the PBG
… there is still an issue in patent commitments
… it can be done on the fly next week without disturbing the vote of the PBG

Ivan Herman: -> Final specification agreement:

Jeff Jaffe: the nature of the rec track is that you are committed to the patent commitment, as a part of the CG you are only committed to individual level (not organizational level)
… in the SC meeting we agreed that we would attempt to get organizational level commitment but that this would not impede the movement forward

Garth Conboy: CLA:

Garth Conboy: FSA:

Jeff Jaffe: FSA summary:

Garth Conboy: my understanding is that you can acknowledge agreement with the FSA after
… (garth provides more caveats than the scribe can keep track of including references to elicit substances and suggestions that he should be ignored entirely)

Luc Audrain: many thanks to CG for the work on 3.2

Resolution #1: epub3.2 to be sent for vote to PBG

3. epubcheck 4.2

Luc Audrain: epubcheck 4.2.0 is ready. The release candidate was released a month ago.
… a small addition from the spec was implemented and tested
… the translations are ready
… we are ready to announce
… thank you to the daisy consortium for this work

Ivan Herman: clap clap to Avneesh, George, Romain, and all the Daisy Consortium people…

Dave Cramer: Romain!

Rachel Comerford: Avneesh Singh and George Kerscher: many thanks to all the contributors!

4. communication

Luc Audrain: we need to be aggressive in communication about epub 3.2 and epubcheck 4.2.0
… one part of this is testimonials
… we need this from companies big and small from around the world

Ivan Herman: -> communication plan:

Ivan Herman: send your testimonials to me with the name of the person from your company signing off on it along with their title
… testimonials can come in any language

Rachel Comerford: what is a testimonial? Is it bigger than a bread box?

Luc Audrain: are there samples?

Ivan Herman: example testimonials in the PR for W3C and FIDO alliance:

5. Fundraising

Luc Audrain: we recently got the t-shirt money - $630
… we can pay for the next milestone
… the next phases still need to be funded

George Kerscher: we should divide and concur the remaining companies that should be contributing

Luc Audrain: I’ve been approaching Apple

George Kerscher: can we approach the AC reps via the ac-forum mailing list?

Ivan Herman: coralie or karen could comment on whether contacting the AC would be appropriate

Jeff Jaffe: I think it would be okay to contact the AC

Luc Audrain: thanks Rachel

George Kerscher: so we send an email to the AC list, announce our success and have a lightweight fundraising appeal

Luc Audrain: reminder of boston face to face meeting and that we should continue communication to our groups

Rachel Comerford: action item: laudrain launches vote for epub3.2

Rachel Comerford: action item: daihei relays vote for 3.2 to Asian publishing community

Rachel Comerford: action item: laudrain sends email call for testimonials

Rachel Comerford: action item: dauwhe (?) and garth pursuing patent commitments (follow up needed)

6. Resolutions