Publishing Business Group

Publishing Chairs’ Telco — Minutes

Date: 2019-04-05

See also the Agenda and the IRC Log


Present: Ivan Herman, Daihei Shiohama (塩濱大平), Luc Audrain, George Kerscher, Wendy Reid, Bill Kasdorf, Jun-ichi Yoshii, Tzviya Siegman, Liisa McCloy-Kelley, Garth Conboy, Jeff Jaffe, Rachel Comerford

Regrets: Ivan Herman, Dave Cramer


Chair: Luc Audrain

Scribe(s): Garth Conboy


Luc Audrain: Here are various items I’ve gathered for the agenda. Please raise other issues of interest.

Luc Audrain:

Luc Audrain: EPUBCheck 4.2.0 / EPUB 3.2

Luc Audrain: Synchronizing communication in April

Luc Audrain: PBG Draft plan at

Luc Audrain:

Luc Audrain: EPUB 3.2

Luc Audrain: Final CG Report vote discussed yesterday in CG

Luc Audrain:

Luc Audrain: AC flash talk on Publishing@W3C

Luc Audrain: Any comment?

Luc Audrain:

Luc Audrain: TPAC 2019

Luc Audrain: PBG Thursday meeting organized by APL and Keio in preparation

Luc Audrain: 9h00-12h00 is the time slot

Luc Audrain:

Luc Audrain: ISO

Luc Audrain: Work on EPUB Accessibility

Luc Audrain: Issue raised by Italian publishers on a11y metadata in and/or outside EPUB

Luc Audrain: vs ONIX vocabulary to be harmonized

Luc Audrain:

Luc Audrain: Avneesh running in the AB election.

George Kerscher: Avneesh running for AB election
… will prepare background document. Be nice if we all voted for him. :-)
… Nomination period to end of month, with election in May.

Luc Audrain: q,

1. epubcheck 4.0.2

Luc Audrain: Good news about PUBCheck 4.2.0 / EPUB 3.2 — RC released — no major issues thus far.
… EPUB3 CG discussed voting for draft of EPUB 3.2
… only slight modifications
… to support final EPUB 3.2 epubcheck

Rachel Comerford: Will be sending out vote request to CG to approve current EPUB 3.2 draft
… Some Best Practices discussions with MDN feedback
… Will be able start with first article soon.

George Kerscher: Vote period?

Rachel Comerford: Don’t seem to have it in the CG charter — perhaps go with five. Lots of reading.

Luc Audrain: Won’t be done by BG call on Tuesday. Too short.
… give enough time to do a good job with review
… Draft comms schedule

Bill Kasdorf: April 23rd official release date?

Luc Audrain: Some BG calls will be cancelled for various reasons.
… Plan to be announced on Tuesday call, but not vote (as CG vote won’t be complete); likely vote on 23rd BG call (assuming results of CG vote in).
… Hopefully all done on the 23rd.
… approve final report (note) from CG.
… approve on call, then do an email call for consensus for five days (at least).
… Then announce both EPUB 3.2 and epubheck 4.2 final release at same time.
… Final message translations in process (epubcheck).
… Then start communications process — worldwide.
… This would be end of epubheck 4.2 milestone, and payment should be approved (the end of April).
… Next phase (test suite cleanup and refactoring) to be launched then.
… Golden Week, maybe cancel that Asia friendly call.

Daihei Shiohama (塩濱大平): 10 days of holidays; 30th in that range; should cancel.

Luc Audrain: BG call during Pub WG F2F in Boston; likely cancel for that too.
… Should be able to declare victory on the 23rd of April — epubheck 4.2 and EPUB 3.2
… We’ll consider this the plan!

2. AC flash talk on Publishing@W3C

Wendy Reid: not until next week

Liisa McCloy-Kelley: Speaker is well prepared; BG gave input

Luc Audrain: Jeff, Tzviya, Rachel, Karen should be there

3. TPAC 2019

Daihei Shiohama (塩濱大平): Submitted application for Sept 19th PBG conference in the AM

Luc Audrain: Co-chairs to flesh out content

George Kerscher: Other meetings TPAC week?

Luc Audrain: Only that one week. ISO meeting week before.

Daihei Shiohama (塩濱大平): Murata said he will invite ISO folks to attend on the 14th/15th for some sort sort of tour; offer to PWG/PBG folks too.
… TPAC Monday/Tuesday PWG; Wed nothing on Publishing; Thursday PBG in the AM

Luc Audrain: Kagoshima city tour with Japanese painters weekend following; Ivan might want to go too.

Ivan Herman: TPAC: ISO

Luc Audrain: ISO new work items: 3.0.1 EPUB to move to TS, ebook DRM based on LCP, EPUB A11Y.
… Work started.
… Lots of international participation (the “I” in ISO).
… Revise EPUB Accessibility 1.0
… Some wording modifications & A11Y metadata — needs to be communicated to vendors.
… Use case where metadata sent before publication file (e.g., pre-orders).
… Need A11Y metadata there too.
… Other non-ONIX metadata languages.
… A11Y metadata in EPUB file.

George Kerscher: Yes, correct.
… Matt was there as well as George; Matt will be editor of Spec.
… No substantive changes to spec.
… MUSTs became SHALLs, per ISO language.
… Kept requirement for A11Y metadata in EPUB, though ONIX can count.
… “crosswalk between and ONIX” discussions with Editeur.

Bill Kasdorf: +1 to harmonizing and ONIX re a11y

George Kerscher: Opportunities for harmonization but without substantive changes.

Luc Audrain: Roundtripping important. Metadata should be in both inside and outside channels. Should not be major change.

Liisa McCloy-Kelley: +1 to a11y data both inside and out

4. Publishing CG

Wendy Reid: Kicked off Publishing CG — Jeff Xu and Mateus chairs.
… Official nomination soon, with call for participation to follow.

Luc Audrain: What will it do?

Wendy Reid: TBD. Call for topics will happen. Maybe pop-up issue, pagination, workflow work-arounds.

Garth Conboy: Maybe super-DOM too.

Bill Kasdorf: Relationship to EPUB CG and BG?

Wendy Reid: Formal relationship: Pub CG will incubate Publishing technologies; if EPUB related, should be done in EPUB CG.
… BG can feed ideas too.
… Things that aren’t ready for WG.

Liisa McCloy-Kelley: Should be clear on what folks are doing there. Need clear directions for Pub CG, before willing to assign folks to participate.

Wendy Reid: Should participate and bring topics to Pub CG. Future of Publishing.

George Kerscher: Need to figure out communication methods between all these groups.
… Avoid confusion to publishing industry. What’s going on where?
… Though happy about activity.

Luc Audrain: Should should Jeff & Mateus become members of this chairs group (BGSC)?

Wendy Reid: yes

Liisa McCloy-Kelley: +1 to the new CG chairs joining SC

Luc Audrain: Objections?

Ivan Herman: Agree.
… Pub CG is a technical group.
… Discussions can happen without chartering and deadlines.
… Efforts can move to Pub WG, CSS WG, or elsewhere. And incubation for Publishing folks. Don’t read too much into it.
… Pick up tech stuff from WG that’s outside the WG charter.
… Place to do experimentation.

Jeff Jaffe: Appreciate George’s point re confusion.
… it is…
… Publishing home page might be a good plan; maybe Ivan can help with that?
… Description of these and other related groups.
… who’s doing what.

Liisa McCloy-Kelley: we have a psgr- we just need to edit

Ivan Herman: Makes sense. There is a /publishing page that should be updated.
… Left page with related groups already; need to tune.
… adding details would be a GoodThing(tm).

Luc Audrain: Anything else?
… Other items?
… Finish early!
… Next week AC meetings – have good ones.

Ivan Herman: It’s cold there!

George Kerscher: Will be in Boston next week at MIT Library conf — doing EPUB presentation.

Luc Audrain: Next PBG call this coming Tuesday.