Specification ‘rdf-ucr’

This is the repository for use cases for the RDF-star Working Group. It is being used to collect information on use case and to drive the progress of the working group. A complete use case description will contain sufficient information about representation, querying, and reasoning to drive the activities of the working group and be checked against the groups recommendations.

A working group note may be created from the use case descriptions.

Each use case will be assigned a member of the working group’s use case task force to help the process of creating a complete use case description.

Contributing and Updating Use Cases

The first step in contributing a use case is to create an issue in this respository that will be used to track discussion on the use case. The use case issue includes at least a brief description of your use case but you are encouraged to include more information. Comments in the use case issue will be used for discussion of the use case.

Each use cases will have a wiki page that contain as clean version of the use case for those not interested in how it was developed.

All information submitted to this repository is publically available. Please read CONTRIBUTING.md, about licensing contributions.

RDF-star Working Group Repositories

There are ten RDF 1.2 and twelve SPARQL 1.2 documents produced by the RDF-star Working Group.

RDF 1.2 Documents:

SPARQL 1.2 Documents:

The working group also has a use case repository collecting use cases for quoted triples and how they can be handled by RDF 1.2 and SPARQL 1.2.

Code of Conduct

W3C functions under a code of conduct.