Editing Task Force

Editing Task Force is a part of W3C WebApps Working Group.

Its mission is to gather and incubate emerging ideas as they pertain to rich text editor development.

Details can be found in the Editing Task Force Charter. Please see also the Web Apps Working Group Charter, under which this task force operates.

Actively developed ideas/specs

Graduated 1

Highlight API

Backlog 2

Archive 3



Participation from ALL who are passionate about writing text editors on the web or have a question/suggestion on the topic is welcomed!

There are couple of things you should know before you proceed.

In accordance with W3C contribution requirements, if you intend to create PRs and/or spend a significant amount of time on these discussions, you should follow Web Apps WG contribution guidance.


Meeting Invite

Google Hangouts


Editing TF meets remotely at 9:00AM PST, on second Friday of every month.

Currently planned dates: April 10th, 2020 May 8th, 2020 etc.

Meeting agenda query

IRC: irc.w3.org #editing

If you would like to discuss an existing issue, please tag it with “Agenda+” label so it can show up in the agenda query. If it is a new issue, please create and tag it with “Agenda+” label.


1 Proposals that resulted in being sent to the appropriate WG as a recommendation to be specced.

2 Proposals that we haven’t gotten to discussing yet.

3 Anything that have been discussed but the proposal got rejected for some reason. Or any other doc that is no longer relevant.