The staff group object

Type: Dictionary

The staff group object is a way to group staff layouts together, for the purposes of giving them a unified name and/or grouping symbol. You can also nest staff group objects within another, to represent more complex groupings of staves, as in large orchestral scores.


Name Type Required? Description
"content" An array of staff group objects, staff objects Yes
"label" staff label object No An optional name for this group of staves. If provided, this should be rendered to the left of the staff group.
"symbol" staff symbol object No The symbol to use along the left vertical edge of this group of staves. If omitted, the default value is "none".

Note that the child objects might also define their own own "symbol" attributes.
"type" The string "group" Yes


This object is used in the following examples:

Multiple layouts, Orchestral layout, Organ layout, System layouts