Roadmap of Technologies Needed for Web Publications

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One of the goals of the Publishing Working group is to rely, as much as possible, on technologies developed elsewhere at W3C, so that the Web Publication specific technologies would become a minimal layer on the top of the existing Web, rather then giving the impression of forking it. These pages collect references to those W3C technologies that already exist, or are under development, and could provide the foundation of the that work.

Note that Web Publishing relies on a number of OWP technologies for the deployment of content, like HTML or SVG, but these are not listed in this roadmap. Web Publications consider these technologies as given, without the goal of changing them (with the minor exception of, possibly, defining some extensions to HTML in the form of new attributes).

This is a living document. It will evolve as work goes ahead in the Working Group; new items may be added, and items may be removed if it turns out they are irrelevant for this work. Also, at a later stage, when the Working Group develops its own technologies, those will be added under a separate heading.

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